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5 Of the Most Stunning Places in South Bali

Most of the tourists that are going to Bali, won’t visit the south part of Bali. Most of them will go to Kuta or the more northern situated Ubud and skip out on South Bali. This south part is however a very beautiful area and the further you’ll go down south, the more tranquil it seems to become. Just look at the pictures below if you don’t believe me.

As I’m living in the south part of Bali for almost a month now, I’ve been discovering more and more of the area. It consists out of palm trees and mountainous terrain with beaches all over the place and rock formations on the seaside that are created by millions of years of erosion.  It’s definitely worth it to grab a motorbike to drive around the area a bit.


Blue Point Banner

Blue Point Beach is a good example of rock erosion at work. This beach is also known as Suluban Beach and it’s popular with surfers as well as people going for a swim or visiting the nearby restaurants. The restaurants that are located a little higher, give a great view on the sea and the rock formations.

It’s not very easy to reach the beach as you have to climb down some steep stairs. At some point the rails is even completely missing so don’t bring your grandmother to this beach.

This whole place has a real surfer’s atmosphere and local Indonesians try to make some money off of this by selling surfboards and offering repair services, at the shops leading to the beach.


Ayana Resort Banner

There are many resorts in the south part of Bali, especially at the seaside, but Ayana Resort is one of the more spectacular ones. It’s build on private property and is off limits to non-residents, which I wasn’t fully aware of at the time. I accidentally ended up behind the security checkpoint after taking a wrong turn. I can’t go back here anymore now but luckily for me, I still have the pictures.

Many resorts have a special place where a wedding ceremony can be performed. Ayana Resort has a very unique wedding altar with a platform that extends a couple of meters over the mountainside. It’s a good way to marry if you’re not afraid of heights, I guess.

The whole resort area is beautifully decorated with parks and fountain pools and the view over the sea makes it even better. Rooms at the Ayana Resort are available from 200 EUR per night, in the low season.


Uluwatu Temple Banner

Not that far away from Blue Point Beach is Uluwatu Temple. It was built in the 11th century, upon a rock formation at the seaside. There are two vantage points from which the temple can be viewed, one to the north and one to the south of it. If you walk a little more down south, there is another lookout point overlooking steep cliffs and the sea.

There are some monkeys walking around here but they are not as aggressive as in some other temples of Bali. They don’t seem to be trained here to steal items of visitors, as is the case in the tourist hot spots. The inner part of the temple is permanently used for ceremonies and closed to the general public.


Jimbaran Bay Banner fcff12

Because there are so many beaches in Bali, it’s never hard to find an empty one. Jimbaran Bay is very quiet most of the time and is a good place for everyone who loves seafood. I go here every now and then to enjoy breakfast, as this is very close to my apartment.

There’s always something relaxing about the sound of waves crushing on the beach. Some of the restaurants at the beach have luxurious relaxing chairs and the trick is to buy a drink at one of those places so you can enjoy the chairs, for the cost of one beverage. This is a much better choice then going to the populated beach of Kuta, for example, and having to negotiate over a chair with one of the vendors out there.

This beach seems a little more authentic in comparison to some other beaches around Bali. It has a lot of fisher boats sailing out all the time and the smell of fish is very prominent out here. Furthermore, it’s fun to see the planes taking off from the nearby Ngurah Rai Airport.


Nusa Dua Banner

Nusa Dua is a paradise like area in the southeast part of Bali. Especially the part close to the beach is amazingly breathtaking and a place I’ve visited several times. The whole coastline here consists out of several luxury resorts with one being even fancier than the other.

While the facilities of many luxury resorts are closed for non-residents, the coastline of Nusa Dua is open for everyone. Just as long as you’ll stay on the path and don’t sit on one of the resort’s sun chairs, you are free to go. The coastline goes on for a couple of miles so it would take a long time to take it all in.

The most beautiful parts in this area would have to be the two peninsulas that are located at the most southern part. They both consist out of a park and one of those has a lookout point where people can enjoy the view or be cooled down by a fresh splash of sea water.

2 thoughts on “5 Of the Most Stunning Places in South Bali

  1. Jan says:


    Mooi stukje weer. Mooie foto’s ook. Begrijp ik goed dat die aapjes bij de toeristische plaatsen getraind zijn om te stelen van toeristen?


    1. Eric says:

      Ja ze zijn daar bij sommige tempers op getraind en krijgen van de verzorgers te eten nadat ze iets gepakt hebben van de toeristen. Hier en daar kom je ook weleens gewone wilde apen tegen die daar niet op getraind zijn en die zijn niet zo agressief.

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