IFC Tower Observation Deck

Climbing the IFC Tower and the One Peking Building.

Because there are many high buildings in Hong Kong, it’s not hard to get a nice view from high up here. Today I climbed two buildings and made some pictures of Hong Kong’s skyline. When I say ‘climb’ I obviously just mean going up in a superfast elevator which will make your ears pop. Many buildings here have observation points which can be entered for free. The IFC Tower is no exception to this and offers a magnificent view. The One Peking Building doesn’t have a observation point. They do however, have some restaurants which won’t mind you taking some photos on a quiet morning.

IFC Tower
The IFC complex consists of two towers, which are standing next to each other like twin brothers. The one is, however, much bigger than the other. They can be seen on the picture below. The tallest building in the picture is IFC 2 with 415 metres of height. To the right of it, looking quite similar but just half its size, is IFC 1 which is 210 metres in height.

The word IFC is an abbreviation for International Finance Centre. The IFC 2 tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world and makes up for a big part of Hong Kong’s skyline. It can’t be missed. There is only one building in Hong Kong that is taller.

IFC Towers Hong KongThere is a lot going on in the bottom floors of the IFC complex. The metro station can be reached from here and there is a line that will go from there to the airport. There’s even a check-in point for flights where you can check your bags in. Between the two towers there is a 4-storey shopping mall that connects the two buildings.

IFC Two TowerTo be able to go up the tower, a visitor pass must be obtained. This can be done at the main lobby of IFC 2. After showing your passport they will give out the visitor pass for free and you’re good to go. The elevator ride (or maybe flight is a better word) to the 55th floor will only take about 10 seconds as it’s superfast.

IFC 2 Observation PointUnfortunately, the observation deck is not the highest point of the building. It has 88 floors in total. It still offers a great view of the central area though. The peak sky terrace can also be seen from here. Only the central side of the IFC building can be entered from here. The Kowloon side is not open to the public. Other than offering the view, there is an exhibition on this floor about the money that is used in Hong Kong and a little bit about its history. I found out, for example, that the 10 HKD note is made by Dutch designers.

The bad thing about taking pictures from such buildings, is that there will always be some glare from the window that you are shooting the picture through.

IFC 2 Central ViewOne Peking
This building is very close to my hotel complex, so I constantly see it when I go outside. It’s an eye catching building as can be seen on the picture below (it’s the high building on the left). I always wanted to go up there whenever I saw it, so today I decided to do so.

One Peking KowloonLike most buildings in this area, the top floors have either restaurants or hotels. This guarantees the guests of these establishments of a very nice view while enjoying their, mostly expensive, meals. From the top of the One Peking building there is a good view on the Kowloon side, aswell as on Hong Kong Island.

One Peking Restaurant In the picture below, the Museum of Art, Space Museum, Cultural Centre and the Clock Tower can be seen. These are the buildingd in the front, close to the waterline. This is also the starting point for the Avenue of Stars. On the other side of the water, the Exhibition Centre can be seen in the middle of the picture, with the white rooftop.

One Peking View

4 thoughts on “Climbing the IFC Tower and the One Peking Building.

  1. Ineke says:

    Mooie foto’s Eric….Erg hoog allemaal he, maar jij hebt geen last van hoogtevrees zo te zien. Groetjes Ineke

  2. B. says:

    De foto’s van de IFC-tower doen mij weer denken aan de tijd dat ik in New York kwam en daar op het Empire State Building ben geweest. Dat was toendertijd het hoogste gebouw ter wereld.
    Groeten. B.

    1. Eric says:

      Ja als je de mast op het dak meerekent is het Empire State Building nog steeds groter dan de IFC toren. Er is ook nog een toren van bijna 500 meter in Hong Kong en daar ben ik de vorige keer nog geweest.

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