2 thoughts on “Guangzhou

  1. Richard Hope says:

    I am a Brit, my wife is originally from Gz, We come back each year to visit family and friends, usually sometime between Oct and March. Found your site / tips for Gz useful / interesting. Tiger Prawn is my favourite too. I will be sure to get to the Mint Leaf in Beijing Lu, I enjoy a curry, though not into the really hot variety. Love the Metro here, though I try to avoid at peak times unless I really have to . hate the motorbikes that jam up the Metro, bus and other terminals everywhere, they are a real pain!.
    Enjoy Bali, regards Richard

    1. Eric says:

      Mint Leaf is a good place for some Indian food and not too spicy. The exit for the new line at Beijing Lu is only a couple of minutes away from it. The motorbike taxi’s that are trying to find customers at the exits, can be very annoying indeed. Enjoying Bali has been no problem so far, make sure to enjoy Mint Leaf and the other great restaurants when you get back to Gz.

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