Overlooking Haizhu District

Overlooking Haizhu District from the 43rd Floor

I’ve been looking around my living area for the highest building around and found one that’s 43 floors high. It’s called Holdround Plaza and it has a better view then I would have thought. I stumbled upon some things I wasn’t expecting on top of the building, which made the whole thing even more interesting.

The Holdround Plaza consists of a hotel and office space and is 143 meters high. The elevator goes up to the 40th floor and from there, a staircase can be accessed to get up 3 more floors. The building is about 10 years old but judging it from the top floors, it looks a lot older.

Hallround Plaza Haizhu SquareThe Holdround Plaza, during sunset


From the 40th floor up, the building is pretty much abandoned and not in use. It seems like these floors have never been used at all, so it’s a bit hard to understand why they built it. This is unusual, because the top floors are always the most expensive in many buildings, because of their view and status.

Top Floor Hallround PlazaThe 41st floor seems untouched after construction, with a scale model of the building still in the corner


The rooftop overlooks to all sides of Guangzhou but the view to the north is the most interesting. The nightlife area can be seen from here, which is most spectacular to watch at night. This area is beautifully situated right next to the Pearl River.

The Haizhu area looks like a miniature city from here and it seems there weren’t many rules about building yet, when this older part of town was constructed.

View on Sheraton Hotel GuangzhouTo the right of the Pearl River, in the middle of the picture, is the Modiesha area, where I lived previously


The picture below shows the part of Haizhu where I’m currently living. The building on the far right, is the Public Security Bureau. This is where people go to get their visa’s sorted out. My apartment building is right across from this building, just outside of the picture.

It was very entertaining to overlook Guangzhou, with the sun setting in the background. The best time to enjoy these views is always around sunrise or sunset, in my opinion.

View on Haizhu SquareOverlooking my current living area


When going up another floor, it became apparent that some people were living and working here. There were many shoes and sandals on the floor at the entrance and old chairs and couches were all over the place. There was even a mattress underneath a low roof part, which seems to be someone’s bedroom area.

It turned out that some of the unused spaces on the roof area, are being used as offices and living space. I’m not sure about the legality of this all, since they just put in some old furniture and there isn’t even any wallpaper or floor carpet in the rooms.

Couch on RooftopA comfortable couch on top of the roof, for those that are tired of the view


Holdround Plaza HallwayI finally stumbled on, what must be the cheapest penthouse in the whole of Guangzhou. Some courageous Chinese people seem to have collected a bit of furniture on the local flea market and are now enjoying a nice and quiet apartment, overlooking the Haizhu area.

Holdround Plaza Topfloor AreaThe top of the Holdround Plaza is going up in a pyramid shape. The higher you come up, the smaller the floors are becoming. It took some crouching to walk around it completely but it’s worth it.

Haizhu Square Tall BuildingThe mix between the old and the new parts of Guangzhou is very visible from here. The older areas are in the front with the new Zhujiang New Town area behind it, barely visible through the fog. The shapes of the Canton Tower can also be seen on the right, when looking closely. It’s amazing how many big TV screens there are around the city. These things are very popular around here.

Overview to Zhujiang New TownThe people living on the higher floors weren’t too happy with strangers up there, so I didn’t stick around for too long. The views have been worth going up though. It was surprising to see what’s going on at the top of this building that I’m walking past almost everyday.

The Holdround Plaza has a beautiful round design. At night, there are blue fluorescent lights at the top, which makes it stand out and it can be seen from miles away. If you ever run out of money in Guangzhou it’s always nice to know you can just take an old mattress to the top and live on the roof of such buildings.

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    1. Eric says:

      In Dubai zijn ze altijd wel creatief bezig ja. Ik ben hier vorige week nog op de hoogste toren van de stad geweest, daar zal ik binnenkort nog even een verhaaltje over schrijven.

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