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Spending a day at Fishing Town Sai Kung

I thought the weekend would be a good moment to visit one of the fishing towns here in Hong Kong, so I went to Sai Kung this Saturday. Sai Kung is located on the eastside of Hong Kong. It is a very pittoresque place. All kinds of fresh seafood can be bought here and it’s a nice escape from what’s going on in the busy Hong Kong city life.

Sai Kung BoatsSai Kung is not very easy accessible due to its remote location. There is no metro station in the town but it can be reached with a minibus. I took the minibus from Choi Hung station, which goes directly to the Sai Kung station. This can be reached by going through the C exit. It only costs 8.40 HKD each way, so on total this trip will cost 16.80 HKD, less then 2 euro’s. Be sure to bring exact change if you want to go there, or close to it, because the driver won’t change money for you.

The minibus was driven by an old man who looked to be close to retirement. I figured to be in for a slow long drive but this wasn’t exactly the case. This guy was speeding around the hills as if he was playing some racing simulation game. People in Hong Kong don’t like to waste time.

Minibus Sai KungOnce in Sai Kung, there are many seafood restaurants to choose from. The food can’t really be any fresher, because all of the restaurants seem to have a wide variety of aquariums on their doorstep. These contain all kinds of fish and sea creatures, some of them I never even encountered before. A nice game of pick and choose before you eat your meal I guess.

Sai Kung Seafood RestaurantOther then offering different kinds of seafood, there are two piers that can be accessed. These are used by several fishermen and will give insight into the way fish is caught around here. As can be seen in the picture below, their fishing techniques aren’t the most advanced. Their fish is up for sale and can be bought from them directly.

Sai Kung FishermanSai Kung also has a temple that is open to the public but because I have seen enough Asian temples already, I didnt go there. There is also a ferry service that connects Sai Kung to a golf course that is located on a island. I have also been to the Sai Kung market hall, where all kinds of meat and fish can be freshly bought. After that I went to get some food in the restaurant displayed below. Because I don’t actually like seafood that much, I just bought some chicken with curry at the reasonable price of 48 HKD.

Bistro Chuen Kee Sai KungSai Kung is a nice place if you like seafood and otherwise it’s still fun to see what’s going on in some of these traditional fishertowns. It’s not all that touristic which makes it more authentic and it’s fun to be in a somewhat quieter place for a while. Sai Kung used to be home to a lot of airport staff, because it’s such a good place to unwind for them. With the opening of the new airport in 1998, most of these people stay somewhere else now because it’s quite far away.


2 thoughts on “Spending a day at Fishing Town Sai Kung

  1. Bart. says:

    Niks is er veilig voor die Chinezen, ze eten bijna alles wat maar beweegt. Maar zo’n verse kreeft of krab, mits goed klaargemaakt, is natuurlijk niet te versmaden.
    Heb je helemaal niks van de vis daar geprobeerd ?

    1. Eric says:

      Nee ik heb niks meer geprobeerd. Ik was ook bang dat het wat zwaar op de maag zou liggen en dan heb je het nog zwaar tijdens de busreis terug.

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