Beautiful Photos Bali

20 Beautiful Photos of Bali That Make You Want to Fly There

During my stay of almost 6 months, I have made a lot of beautiful photos of Bali. I have selected the best ones and photoshopped the colors a little. The results are not bad I think, considering I used a cheap handheld camera with just 20.1 Megapixels capacity.


1: Balangan Beach


Balangan Beach is located in the south part of Bali and not very well known amongst most tourists. It is however, very popular with surfers as the waves here are generally quite high.

The wooden beachfront restaurants that have amazing views, are not very expensive and offer amazing views. Especially the sunsets here are spectacular as the sun goes down right in the middle of the sea’s horizon.

A big fire has burned down some of the restaurants here recently but three months later most of them have already been built back up.

1 Balangan Beach2: Mount Lempuyang Volcano


This photo was made from a road going through the village of Tirta Gangga, that looks out to Mount Lempuyang. It’s an interesting mountain to go up on, with several very interesting temples. The most beautiful of those temples is Pura Lempuyang, which I visited while I was driving around the Karangasem district.

2 Bali Rice Fields3: Ungasan


Ungasan is located all the way on the far south of Bali. I reached this point when driving south until I couldn’t go any further. I’m still curious what’s around the corner to the left.

3 South Bali4: Blue Point Beach


This is another one of the beautiful spots on the south part of Bali. At Blue Point Beach, there are restaurants overlooking the sea and an area from where the beach can be accessed. This beach area is a little tricky as it becomes inaccessible with high tide, so you have to pick the right time to go there.

4 Blue Point Beach5: Campuhan Ridge


This walking path that’s located on top of a ridge, is in my opinion one of the best things to do in Ubud. The views to the left and right side of the track are amazing, as the photo below shows.

5 Campuhan Ubud6: Ayana Resort


There are many spectacular resorts in Bali, but Ayana Resort is one of the best ones I’ve seen. There is an area made especially for weddings, which is where I made this picture.

They also have a rock bar at the cliff side that’s accessible by a free cable car ride. This bar is a very amazing place and a good spot to make photos but the drinks are extremely high priced.

6 Ayana Resort7: Lake Batur


One day I was driving all the way to the north of Bali to make a picture of Mount Batur. It was too cloudy that day to get a good picture but after driving down a hill, I made this photo overlooking Batur Lake.

7 Lake Batur8: Kuta Beach


Kuta Beach is probably the most crowded beach in Bali. It’s definitely the beach with the most vendors. It’s not easy to relax here for more than 1 minute without someone trying to sell some products to you. It’s not my favourite beach in Bali but I did like this photo.

8 Kuta Beach9: Grand Nikko’s


This hotel is located right beside a beach, a little south to Nusa Dua. It has many cool features like a large swimming pool area. There’s even a sort of cave with a pool bar, that reminds a little of the Playboy Mansion grotto. The whole beach is just for Grand Nikko guests and is very quiet.

It’s possible to enjoy the pool area without being a guest, just by buying a drink at the bar. It’s not that expensive during happy hours (4-6 PM) where you can get 2 beers for 60k Rupiah, which is about 4 Euro.

9 Grand Nikkos10: Bingin Beach


Bingin is very close to Balangan Beach but it’s not very easy to reach. Parking is not allowed close to the beach so it takes about 10 minutes of walking and a steep climb to get there. This is probably the reason why this beach is very quiet.

10 Bingin Beach11: Klungkung


Sometimes the views you’ll get, while driving on the scooter, are too good to ignore. This photo was made during one of those instances, in Klungkung district.

11 Karangasem12: Uluwatu Temple


The Uluwatu Temple is impressively situated on the top of a cliff at the ocean side. A very beautiful area in the south of Bali, with a lot of monkeys roaming around. Sometimes they like to steal camera’s of unwary tourists.

12 Uluwatu Temple13: Balangan Beach Lookout Point


Another photo of Balangan but this time taken from the lookout point. It gives a good overview of the whole beach and the several restaurants and hotels at the seaside.

13 Balangan Beach14: Sanur


Sanur is a fancy area that’s popular with rich tourists. The fish that’s being sold at the many restaurants on the seashore here, are being caught by fishermen using boats like these.

14 Nusa Dua15: Pura Lempuyang Temple


This is the 12th century Pura Lempuyang Temple that’s located on Mount Lempuyang, pictured in photo 2. It’s a very impressive structure and still in regular use for sacrificial ceremonies.

15 Pura Lempuyang Temple16: Goa Gajah


This photo was made in one of my favorite places to visit in Ubud. It’s in a garden area at Goa Gajah, where there’s a temple and a very large stone carving of an elephant.

16 Goa Gajah17: Jimbaran Beach


Jimbaran Beach is very close to my apartment and a good spot to enjoy seafood. This area with chairs is great for relaxing but unfortunately, only for members of the adjacent resort.

17 Jimbaran Beach18: Gunung Kawi


Gunung Kawi is an old temple complex with very impressive rock carvings. There is also a large nature area surrounding the temple complex. This area has rice fields and a couple of small waterfalls and it’s where I made this photo with the light shining in through the trees.

18 Gunung Kawi River19: Tirta Gangga Water Temple


During my drive around the Karangasem district in Bali, I visited this water temple with several pond areas. The garden area is very popular for the making of wedding photos.

19 Tirta Gangga Watertemple20: Ujung Water Palace


This place is also in the Karangasem district. It was raining at the time I visited but the beauty of the park is still very visible.

20 Watertemple