Visiting the Highest Hotel in Guangzhou

After seeing the International Finance Center many times from the outside, I was curious to know what it would look like from the inside. Today I decided to go ahead and visit the Four Seasons Hotel, which is located at the top floors of the IFC. It left me stunned and it’s the most impressive hotel I have ever visited. The Four Seasons Hotel has everything you could ever be looking for, in one of the most technologically advanced buildings in the world.

The IFC has office space in the lower part (floors 4-66) and the Four Seasons Hotel on the higher part (floors 67-100). It’s the highest hotel in Guangzhou and the views from the hotel rooms are amazing. Visitors of the hotel can also enjoy a swimming pool, a fitness center, a spa and several restaurants. One of those restaurants is located on the top floor of the building, which is the 100rd floor. Not the best place to eat, for those with a fear of heights. There are also some conference rooms on floor 1 to 5 which can be rented for office meetings.

IFC Tower, CTF Tower and Canton TowerThe IFC is on the right with its ‘twin brother’ Chow Tai Fook Center on the left and the Canton Tower in between


When taking the elevator up to the Four Seasons Hotel, you will arrive at the 70th floor with an immediate view on the south side of Guangzhou. There is a sitting area with a bar here, where you can relax and enjoy the skyline. If you don’t really like to take elevators you can also fly in with your helicopter and land on the helicopter pad at the roof of the building.

View from Four Seasons Hotel Canton TowerThe view from the 70th floor on the south side of Guangzhou


The lobby on the 70th floor is very beautifully decorated with a marble floor, an art sculpture and some water pools. Throughout the building, the pillars that are giving the IFC its strength and stability, can be seen. This reminds a little bit of the Canton Tower, which is a couple of kilometers away from here.

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou LobbyWhen you take a look up, from within the lobby area, you can get a view of the 30 floors of hotel rooms and see the sky at the end. This is very nicely constructed with fluorescent lights to highlight the curves of the balustrades. When looking up at all those hotel floors from the lobby area, you just can’t wait to get up and walk around over there.

I walked up to the lobby and asked if I could see one of their rooms. They were very happy to oblige and told me they would show me 3 different types of rooms.

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou HallwaysThe rooms are located on floor 74 to 98 and there are 8 different kind of rooms. The room size starts from 52 m2 and goes up to 336 m2 for the real exclusive rooms. I’ve been shown 3 different kinds of rooms which were in the lower price class. They were still over 2000 RMB per night which is about 250 euro’s.

The rooms were already cooled down to a very comfortable room temperature when we walked in. I could already see myself working here at the desk, throwing a peek outside every now and then.

Hotelroom Four Seasons Hotel GuangzhouThe lady who was showing me around, told me that some of the rooms get rented out sometimes to a group of people who use it as a party room. I can see how this is a great idea because the rooms are very luxurious and have everything that you would need for a party. There is a TV, a surround sound system build in around the whole room, a great view outside, a couch and a bed and drinks can be ordered in through room service. Sharing the rent price with friends, also makes it a bit more affordable to stay here.

Bathroom 2 Four Seasons Hotel GuangzhouIf you like marble, you will love the bathrooms at the Four Seasons Hotel


The bathroom in one of the rooms in particular, looked very attractive and you will have to resist the urge to jump into the bathtub here. From this bathtub you will have a view on the Canton Tower (one of the highest buildings in the world) and a TV screen on the other side. This is what they would call, bathing in style.

Bathroom Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

It was great checking out some rooms at the Four Seasons Hotel in the IFC. The staff was extremely friendly, even when I was outside the building they still all gave me their best ‘hello sir’. The rooms are available at a price ranging from about 1800 RMB to around 4000 RMB per night and can be booked online. It’s too bad I don’t have the money to do it, otherwise I would have liked to spend some time here. It’s still nice to see what it’s like up there so you don’t have to fantasize what it’s like inside, when looking up this 440 meters high beast of a building.

International Finance Center Guangzhou

When it’s misty and foggy, you can’t even see the top of the IFC


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