Where To Eat in Bangkok – 30 Of The Best Cheap Restaurants

You might now know where to eat in Bangkok when you just arrive in the city. There are so much food options available that it would be impossible to walk for a mile without coming across a restaurant or someone selling food on the street. As I’m living in Bangkok for a almost a year now, I’ve decided to make a list of restaurants I regularly go to. This might make it a little easier for you to find out where to eat in Bangkok.

As I’ve been writing about my favorite 8 restaurants in Guangzhou before, I thought it would be fun to document a month of eating in Bangkok.

Most of the time, I go out to eat at the Central Plaza shopping mall nearby my apartment. That’s why most of the restaurants in this list are either located there or nearby it.

I’ve mentioned all of the prices here in Thai Baht. 40 Thai Baht equals 1 Euro and 35 Baht is about 1 US dollar.

Great Punjab Bangkok

Thai food is great but Indian food is also one of my favorites. It can be hard to stuff yourself with Thai food everyday as they are very light meals. That’s when an Indian buffet can be a great alternative.

The food at Great Punjab is cheap and has great taste. They have a television screen showing Bollywood movies and the occasional cricket match.

The menu is extensive with a lot of well known Indian dishes but I always go for Thali. They have a vegetarian Thali available for 200 Baht, chicken or fish Thali for 250, prawn Thali for 300 and mutton Thali for 400 Baht. This is an all you can eat meal, with as many refills of whatever item you like. It’s a very good deal and it also includes free ice cream afterwards. It’s hard to find much cheaper all you can eat deals in Bangkok (and I’ve been looking everywhere).

Great Punjab is located on Sukhumvit Soi 13, which is too far off for most tourists and Thai people usually hate Indian food. This makes it a little more quiet than the Indian restaurants located directly on Sukhumvit Road.

1. Mumbai's Great Punjab

Vegetarian Thali 200 Baht


Narai Pizzeria

If you don’t really know where to eat in Bangkok and like to get some pizza, you should definitely not miss out on the food at Narai Pizzeria. I was already living in the Phra Ram 9 area for a couple of months before I even noticed that the Fortune Town shopping mall nearby, has a basement. Restaurants in the basement are usually cheaper than those on the ground floor. Narai Pizzeria lives up to this and offers amazing value.

Food can be ordered from the menu here but the buffet for 219 Baht per person is most popular. This includes Italian food like pizza and spaghetti but also curry, mushroom soup and corn soup, sushi, vegetables, sausages and other small snacks. It’s impossible to walk out of this restaurant feeling hungry. They also have a selection of free drinks like ice tea, lemon tea, coke, sprite and more.

Most pizzeria’s will charge over 230 Baht for just one pizza. This makes Narai Pizzeria the perfect place to stuff yourself with pizza slices. As a dessert they serve honey toast with ice cream.

2. Narai Pizzeria 2

2. Narai Pizzeria 3

2. Narai Pizzeria

Black Canyon

Black Canyon is specialised in coffee, offering every kind of coffee imaginable. The Pad Thai here is so good that they’ve won a couple of awards for it. On top of that, they offer western meals, soup and sandwiches.

The spaghetti with mushrooms is very tasteful, with some added pepper to spice it up a little bit. The mushroom soup is a great starter meal.

They have a lot of variety and it’s all very cheap. The bad thing about Black Canyon in my experience is that it can take a while before the food is served.

3. Black Canyon Soup

Spaghetti with mushrooms 108 Baht                                   Mushroom soup 89 Baht

3. Black Canyon Vegetables

Vegetables with noodles 120 Baht


Food Republic

Food Republic is a collection of Thai and Japanese restaurants grouped together at the Central Plaza shopping mall. They have enough choices of food that you can go the court everyday of the week and eat something entirely different every time.

There are noodles dishes, Pad Thai, a lot of Thai seafood options and even Kimchi Ramen, as displayed below. Kimchi is usually a bit spicy but this Kimchi soup was especially hot. I noticed the staff of the restaurant watching me as I ate this, so I took it as a challenge to finish the whole thing.

4. Food Republic Kimchi Ramen

Kimchi ramen 105 Baht

4. Food Republic

4. Food Republic Meals

Chicken with curry and rice 70 Baht                         Pasta with chicken and vegetables 70 Baht


Coco Ichibanya

Coco Ichibanya is a curry restaurant originally from Japan. They serve curry with rice and chicken, pork, beef, vegetables and more. The portions are quite large and you can choose the level of the curry’s spiciness. Curry with vegetables is one of their cheapest dishes, most others will be around 200 Baht and more (after the 10% service charge is applied).

Coco Ichibanya is not one of the cheapest places to get curry. They are mostly in top locations, which drives the price up. Cheaper curry restaurants can be found off the beaten path.

5. Coco Ichibanya

Rice with curry and vegetables 165 Baht

Ramazan Doner Kebab

The popular Turkish snack döner kebab, has also found its way into Bangkok. Ramazan Döner Kebab has several shops in Bangkok and is very popular with expats as well as locals. What makes it a good option is that it’s very fast and cheap. I usually go here when I ate somewhere already but I’m still not entirely filled up.

Chicken and beef are the available choices of meat. The cheapest option is to have chicken kebab in a wrap, which will only cost 60 Baht. You can also get your meal on plate, as shown below, or get it in a Tombik bread.  Available sauces are ketchup, garlic sauce, mayonnaise and chili sauce.

6. Ramazan Doner Kebab

Rice with chicken kebab 70 Baht


Chester's Grill

Chester’s Grill is a fastfood restaurant that’s all over Thailand. The food is of decent quality and cheap but the portions are a little bit small. You’d have to order several dishes to leave with a full stomach from Chester’s Grill. That’s why I don’t really like to go there but I do like their spaghetti with chicken.

Chester's Grill 1

Spaghetti with chicken and bread 85 Baht

Chester's Grill 2

Golden fish 111 Baht


G's Bangkok

G’s Bangkok in the Patpong area offers great German food and a selection of Thai dishes too. They have a couple of different schnitzels on their menu but the Jaeger schnitzel is my favourite. They offer several German beers as well, which go very well with schnitzels. The place is run by a friendly German guy who is a bit hyperactive and likes to chitchat with all the guests.

Western food is always more expensive than Thai food, to which G’s Bangkok is no exception. It is, however, nice to be able to eat a schnitzel every now and then. This dish has a lot of different flavors to it. The schnitzel was falling apart a bit but still had a great taste.

8 G's Bangkok

Jaeger schnitzel with spaetzle and mushroom sauce 350 Baht


Tesco Lotus

The food court at the Tesco Lotus supermarket is one of the cheapest food options around the Phra Ram 9 area, aside from eating at a street stall. The cheapest meal here is 35 Baht (egg fried rice). The average meal would be around 60 Baht. They serve mostly Thai dishes with some Japanese meals too.

There are about 10 different food stalls to choose from. You’ll need to exchange your money for a food card to pay. Most of the food is decent in quality and won’t take long to prepare. All of stalls have open kitchens and it’s fun to see them cook your dish right in front of you.

There are many stalls around that are selling beverages and even smoothies. An added bonus is that there’s a water machine providing free water for all guests.

9. Tesco Lotus

Ham fried rice 45 Baht

9. Tesco Lotus 2

Kimchi 60 Baht


Outdoors Restaurant

I don’t think this restaurant has a name but they do have great Thai food. It’s very popular with Thai locals and expats also as it’s within walking distance of a large condominium complex. They offer all the Thai classics like Pad Thai and several noodle dishes.

I don’t like to eat too spicy food here because it’s an outside restaurant. The combination of spicy food and hot weather would make it a rather sweaty experience. I do like the coconut mushroom soup and chicken fried rice is one of their cheapest dishes. Pad Thai costs 45 Baht here, which is okay too.

For some reason, some of the noodle dishes are not available until 19.30. I didn’t get to eat it yet because I usually don’t eat that late.

10. Outdoors Restaurant

10. Outdoors Restaurant Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken fried rice 40 Baht

10. Outdoors Restaurant Coco

Coconut mushroom soup 80 Baht


Lee Cafe

Lee Cafe has some very creative and delicious dishes on their menu. One of my favorites is the dish pictured below. It’s noodles with beef and wonton chips. Definitely worth trying out.

11. Lee Cafe

Noodles with beef and Wonton chips 120 Baht



This Japanese restaurant has a lot of different meals to choose from. Their set menu’s have a lot of variety in taste at a low price.

One of my favorites is the Pangasius filet set. It is served with carrots, potato wedges, mushroom and green beans. Most of the menu sets will also contain a little bowl of Kimchi, a salad, rice, Miso soup and sauce.

Apart from the set menu’s they also have Donburi, noodles, Sashimi sets and a variety of appetizers. They have something for everybody at Yayoi.

12. Yayoi Fish

Pangasius filet 160 Baht


Phan KhomAlthough the quality of the food at Phan Khom is not the best in my opinion, they do have a lot of variety. You can spot a good restaurant in Bangkok very easily by the amount of local Thai people eating there. Phan Khom serves Thai food and usually only has a few visitors. Most of them are usually foreigners or tourists, which is not a good sign.

A lot of time and effort is spent to make the restaurant look beautiful and classy. The pineapple fried rice is being served in a carved out pineapple, which I think is a creative way to serve this dish. There’s a lot of seafood dishes too.

I like the chicken curry here. It’s not as spicy as you would expect from a Thai restaurant, which is a good thing for me.

13. Phan Khom

Chicken curry 160 Baht

13. Phan Khom Pineapple fried rice

Pineapple fried rice 135 Baht


Sunrise Tacos

Mexican food is not available at every street corner in Bangkok. However, if you look long enough you will be able to find some of them. Sunrise Tacos would be the most obvious choice as they can be found all throughout the city.

Basically every classic Mexican dishes is available at this restaurant. There’s a distinction between large and small Sunrise Tacos restaurants, the small ones being mostly situated close to metro or Skytrain stations. The one I went to is one of the larger ones and is located in Terminal 21.

Because many of the ingredients have to be imported, Sunrise Tacos is not cheap. The quality is good though. If you’re a big eater, you can benefit from the all you can eat Taco’s menu. Every Tuesday and Friday from 2 PM to 7 PM you can enjoy unlimited Taco’s for 410 Baht including service charge.

The normal price of taco’s here is 270 Baht for just 3 pieces so you can really get your money’s worth with the all you can eat deal. My current record here is 14 taco’s and a piece of apple pie with whipped cream, which is also included in the all you can eat package.

There’s an option of 4 different types of soft taco’s, containing grilled chicken, shredded chicken, pork with pineapple or red snapper with shredded cabbage.

Where to Eat in Bangkok

All you can eat Taco’s 410 Baht


Indian Restaurant Khao San Road

This outdoors Indian restaurant is located between Khao San Road and Soi Rambuttri. The Indian food here is cheap and they have Thai food also. There a lot of Indian dishes on the menu and most of them cost around 130 Baht. It’s great quality and much cheaper than m#the Indian restaurants directly around Khao San.

16. Indian Food Khao San Road

Chicken Masala with naan and rice 130 Baht


The Terrace

The Terrace restaurant at Central Plaza has unfortunately already closed at the time of writing this but there are still other branches open. It’s one of those restaurants offering cheap steaks and advertising them with a close up photo. This makes the meals look very large while it actually is a pretty small portion.

Although the meals at The Terrace are more plate than food, the taste is quite good.

15. The Terrace

Spaghetti with chicken steak and pepper sauce 185 Baht


Spaghetti Factory

I went to the Spaghetti Factory once and don’t plan on returning. The Penne Arrabiata was a very small portion and they made it super spicy. It’s very overpriced in my opinion and the spicyness masks all of the flavor.

Most of the Italian restaurants in Bangkok I’ve been to aren’t that great but this is ridiculous. The best Spaghetti I’ve had in Bangkok was actually in a Thai restaurant.

18. Spaghetti Factory

Penne arrabiata 170 Baht


Hachiban RamenHachiban Ramen is one of the many Japanese restaurants in the Central World shopping mall. This food chain has almost 50 years of history in selling Ramen noodles.  The success of the restaurant is its very low pricing and straight forward simplicity. It’s almost always packed around dinner time.

I like to go here to eat the Yakisoba with squid. It’s also very tasty in combination with a set of Gyoza, which only costs 63 Baht for 6 pieces. A great restaurant to have a quick and cheap meal.

17. Hachiban Ramen

Yakisoba with squid and chicken 90 Baht


Simply Delicious

As the name of this restaurant already implies, the food here is simple but delicious. This is very true for the Spaghetti Bolognese here. It’s a better taste than Spaghetti served in the Italian restaurant I’ve mentioned before. It’s not an extraordinary large portion but I’ve had smaller. The waiting time can be a little long here unfortunately.

19. Simply Delicious

Spaghetti Bolognese with mushroom 145 Baht


Khao San Road Street Food

Although insects can be found at a lot of street stalls found anywhere in Bangkok, deep fried scorpions and tarantulas are sold at the crowded tourist hotspots only. Nobody eats these on a regular basis so they are bought almost exclusively by tourists, wanting to try something new or to show their braveness.

I’ve put this in this list of places to eat, for fun. I actually wouldn’t eat any of these if my life depended on it. I’m sure they are completely fine to eat and probably even healthy but I’ll leave them for someone else anyway. The tarantula’s are quite expensive. Some vendors ask about 800 Baht per piece. What you’ll eventually have to pay depends heavily on your negotiation skills.

20. Khao San Road Snacks


Terminal 21 Food Court

There’s a lot of restaurants at the top floors of the Terminal 21 shopping mall at Asoke but the Pier 21 food court is the cheapest option with the most variety. They have all of the Thai food you could wish for and some Chinese and western food too. What I like mostly about this place are the cheap smoothies and the sticky rice with mango dessert.

This is probably one of the most crowded food courts in Bangkok. Sometimes it can take quite a while to find a seat here.  Because of the central location in Bangkok, a lot of tourists flock to here everyday, as well as many local Thais. The shopping mall is connected to the Sukhumvit BTS station and the Asoke MRT line, bringing in a lot of people.

21. Food Court Terminal 21

Rice with chicken, gravy and egg 40 Baht          Banana and strawberry smoothie 35 Baht


Pepper Lunch

The meals at Pepper Lunch are served raw on a hot plate and have to be ‘prepared’ by yourself. It can’t get much fresher than this. The spaghetti with tomato sauce and chicken is particularly tasty. I always end up burning my mouth when I go here because I’m too impatient to wait for the food to cool down.

There are different types of steaks to choose from, omelette dishes, pepper rice and spaghetti plates. Great food and you can add some mashed potatoes or a salad for a few Baht.

22. Pepper Lunch

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and chicken 165 Baht


BBQ Premium Kitchen

One of the best pizza’s I’ve had is this one at BBQ Premium Kitchen. It is just the right amount of vegetables and sauce and the crust is exactly thick enough. I prefer to go here over Pizza Hut or The Pizza Company. They don’t have a lot of choice in pizza but the pizza’s on their menu are very good.

23. BBQ Premium Kitchen

Variation pizza 280 Baht


Yum Saap

Yum Saap has mostly dishes from the Northern part of Thailand on their menu. Half of the menu consists of salads, with most of them being very spicy.

The meal pictured below only cost me 90 Baht. It’s a very delicious meal with a lot of variety in taste. A lot of garlic was used in the soup but it was still quite tasty. Yum Saap is a great example of the cheap options you’ll have to eat in a restaurant at a fancy shopping mall in Bangkok.

24. Yum Saap

Fried rice in chili with beef and chicken leg 90 Baht


YoshinoyaThe Yoshinoya restaurant chain has a history of over 50 years. Their food can be described as Japanese fast food. They make a good Katsudon here for just 119 Baht. Katsudon is a bowl of rice with fried chicken cutlet, fried egg and vegetables. I would say Yoshinoya is the best place to go in Bangkok for high quality Katsudon.

Most meals at Yoshinoya are served in a bowl accompanied by noodles, rice, udon, beef or chicken.

25. Yoshinoya

Katsudon 119 Baht


Guptaji Ki Kitchen

Guptaji Ki Kitchen must be the cheapest Indian restaurant in Bangkok, if not in all of Thailand. It only costs 100 Baht for a vegetarian Thali, with unlimited refills. The components of the Thali change a little bit from day to day but are usually something like rice, Dal Masala, Kadi Pakoda, Aloo Bhaji, Chutney, Chapati bread and a little salad.

The taste of the food is great. It’s unbelievable that they are giving it away for such a low price. As can be expected, the restaurant itself is very simple and doesn’t offer any luxury. The sitting area consists out of 4 tables and there are no windows. Not a good place to eat if you’re claustrophobic.

It’s usually very quiet here with just 1 or 2 Indians getting their stomachs full. The restaurant is tucked away in a small alleyway, making it quite hard to find. It’s located nearby Baiyoke Tower 2 in a touristy area. It’s too bad I don’t live any closer otherwise I might go here everyday.

26. Guptaji Ki Kitchen

26. Guptaji Ki

All you can eat vegetarian Thali 100 Baht


Street Food Phra Ram 9

Some of the best chicken fried rice (or Kow Pad Gai as the Thai call it) is served at a street stall right outside Fortune Town shopping mall for 35 Baht. It’s a very simple meal but one of my favorites nevertheless. If you’re not sure where to eat in Bangkok, it’s good to know there’s always a street stall within walking distance where great Thai food is being served.

27. Street Food Phra Ram 9

Chicken fried rice 35 Baht


Hua Seng Hong Restaurant

Hua Seng Hong focuses mainly on seafood. One of their best dishes is supposed to be the duck, yet I went for the crab meat curry when I went there. It’s a great dish and a reasonable sized portion too.

28. Hua Seng Hong Restaurant

Crab meat curry 170 Baht


Street Market Din DaengThere’s a small street market about 10 minutes from my apartment that sells amazing Pad Thai for just 35 Baht. It’s going to be very hard to find it cheaper anywhere else. Making it by myself would probably cost more already.

Pad Thai is one of the most famous Thai dishes and it’s very tasty. It consists mostly out of rice noodles, egg and dried shrimp. They serve the bean sprouts apart from the dish at this particular street stall, which I like because I’m not a fan of sprouts.

29. Street Market Din Daeng

Pad Thai 35 Baht


On The TableOn The Table is one of the few Italian restaurants in Bangkok that I’m happy to eat at. Their quality doesn’t come cheap though. The Penne Bolognese au gratin is a delicious meal with many different flavours. If it was a bit cheaper, I might eat here regularly.

30. On The Table

Penne bolognese au gratin 240 Baht

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